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The Simulated Environment for Geospatial Assets (SIEGA)

Rely on a single source of truth to analyze, visualize and deliver your drone and terrestrial geospatial data to stakeholders with our next generation, gamified, virtual 3D library environment.

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Public Mode

Democratizing access to high quality geospatial assets. Powered by our community of drone pilots and data collectors.

In Public Mode, SIEGA provides open access to aerial data in both 2D and 3D, captured by AERO AI's community of drone pilots and data collectors. Users can freely interact with and download this data, making it a valuable resource for a wide range of applications.

Private Mode

Streamlined Geospatial Data 3D Visualization, Analytics and Delivery powered by the Unreal Engine 5!

Private Mode is tailored to clients and users who require a secure environment to visualize and manage their geospatial data within their teams and organizations. This mode fosters seamless collaboration between multiple project stakeholders, ensuring data privacy and streamlining the way companies handle geospatial information captured by their in-house drone operators and engineers.


Experience the versatility of SIEGA, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse demands of the geospatial industry. Join us in revolutionizing how aerial data is accessed, visualized, and shared.

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